When ?

Now more than Ever

The creative and media-technology sectors move fast. Some say the change has only just begun but you’ll have your own perspective. On the surface the pace is frenetic, thinking time scarce.

The tenure of senior leaders is shorter and the odds for success longer. We keep the headhunters busy, we hire, we promote - hope.

At Enlightened Leadership we think that top positions are too often thrust upon your people and the classic tenets of strong management and good leadership are rarely taught and seldom developed.


You apart

Over 60 years ago, Peter Drucker, the 20th century’s foremost business writer and organizational thinker made a simple and powerful point:

In any sector, companies have access to the same resources. The decisive factor between success and failure is then simply the quality of management and leadership.

We believe this is even more the case today.

What could it be


Are organizations only here to immediately serve a bottom line – only to meet those quarterly commitments? If your answer is ‘yes’ then we’re probably not for you. We believe that no amount of datah can yet capture the magic qualities of top talent and teams in full flight.

Imagine your people striving for what ‘ought to be’, rather than accepting ‘what is’.

Imagine your people performing above and beyond all expectations with courage and conviction. That’s what we aim for.

‘ we strive to take a longer view,
we care about the sustained
performance - the right way. ’